Knitter’s Pride Mindful Fixed Lace Circular Needles 40″


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Knitter’s Pride pays tribute to the healing art of knitting with the Mindful Collection Lace Knitting Needles. Inspirational words, specific to each size, are printed on the needle encouraging the creative knitter to focus on the meditative aspect of this ancient craft. Your spirit is soothed and set free to produce extraordinary work!

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Weight 20.0 g

US17 40" (12mm), US15 40" (10mm), US13 40" (9mm), US10.5 40" (6.5mm), US7 40" (4.5mm), US10 40" (6mm), US6 40" (4mm), US9 40" (5.5mm), US4 40" (3.5mm), US3 40" (3.25mm), US11 40" (8mm), US2.5 40" (3mm), US10.75 40" (7mm), US8 40" (5mm), US5 40" (3.75mm)


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