Lace Weight Yarn

Lace weight yarn is a very lightweight and delicate type of yarn that is often used for making lacy or airy shawls, scarves, and other lightweight knit or crocheted items. The term “lace weight” refers to the weight of the yarn, which is the thinnest of all the different types of yarn, and it’s usually worked up on small needles or hooks to create a delicate and open fabric with a lot of drape. Because of its lightweight nature, lace weight yarn is ideal for creating lightweight summer garments and accessories that provide warmth without being heavy or bulky. Additionally, lace weight yarn can be used to add delicate embellishments to heavier weight knits, such as adding a crocheted lace edging to a shawl or sweater. Below are some of our most popular Lace Weight yarns. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on Lace weight yarn).

Some popular projects for lace weight yarn include shawls, wraps, scarves, and lightweight summer tops. The fine texture and drape of lace weight yarn also make it a good choice for creating intricate patterns, such as lace designs or delicate edgings.

Additionally, lace weight yarn is often made from luxury fibers, such as silk or cashmere, which adds a soft and silky feel to the finished project. Whether you are an experienced knitter or crocheter, or just starting out, lace weight yarn can be a great choice for creating a wide range of beautiful and intricate projects.