Guide: Cheap vs. Inexpensive Yarn for Knitting

Where to find cheap yarn?

For cost-conscious crafters, opting for inexpensive acrylic yarn from your local craft warehouse is a viable choice where longevity, durability, or ease of maintenance are not key considerations, such as for toys or trinkets.

Crafting yarn

While working with craft store yarn can be a straining in the long term, but for smaller, less demanding projects, it can be a practical and cost-effective choice. For example, when creating adorable stuffed animals there is no reason to splurge on premium materials such as mohair or cashmere.

Best value yarn for knitted garments

At our store, we offer a curated selection of affordable, premium-quality yarn crafted from natural fibers, ensuring your knitwear will be a delight to wear and maintain for years to come. Our yarns are expertly chosen to provide a luxurious drape and to minimize pilling, making your garments as beautiful as they are durable. Whether you’re creating a sweater, dress, or shawl, you can trust that our yarns will help your hard work truly shine.

Having searched high and low for years for the perfect price-to-value ratio, we decided to start importing Sandnes Garn of Norway. It is made to the highest standards, ethically sourced and manufactured with environmentally friendly dyes and processes. Sandnes Garn alone offers over 35 qualities of yarn (with 40+ colors each) ranging from lace weight Silk Mohair to chunky Fritidsgarn (not to mention their wicked popular collaboration with PetiteKnit: Sunday).

Sandnes Garn yarns are suitable for an array of projects, including dresses, sweaters, blankets, and even socks. With options for both superwashed and non-superwashed fibers, Sandnes Garn offers you a wide array of options for creating beautiful and long-lasting garments for people of all ages.

Sandes Garn Patterns & yarn
Lamana Superlight yarn

If you want to splurge some more on your special project, German made LAMANA, offers unparalleled luxury for the price.They have a unique spinning process that makes their yarns half the weight of “normal” yarns, allowing you to make lightwaight garments of chunky yarn! Our staff can’t stop squishing those balls of yarn and fantasizing about their next project! If you are looking for higher-end, extra chunky yarn, Malabrigo remains a knitter’s favorite, and one of our most popular offerings.

Indie-dye yarn

Finally, when they want something really unique, yarn connoisseurs often gravitate to hand-dyed yarn (also known as indie-dyer yarn).  We offer a selection of hand-dye from local dyers as well as international artisans.

Choice is yours

In the realm of yarn and crafting, the decision of which type of yarn to choose ultimately lies with you, the creator. However, it is important to note that higher quality yarns often come with added benefits. These yarns boast enhanced durability, vibrant colors, and intricate textures, resulting in a finished project that is not only more beautiful, but also more unique. Furthermore, these yarns offer improved stitch definition, lending a more professional touch to your finished creation. Ultimately, investing in high-quality yarn is an investment in your own artistry and craftsmanship.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect yarn for your next project, tailored to your budget and aesthetic vision. Whether you are looking for affordability or seeking the finest materials, we are here to help you make an informed decision.

Indie-dye yarn