Lamana in the US

Mother Knitter is thrilled to be the official US Distributor of LAMANA!

For those unfamiliar, Lamana is a young, innovative German manufacturer of luxurious knitting yarn and a contemporary design house. They specialize in premium yarns and work exclusively with owner-managed mills in Italy and Peru. Lamana is dedicated to fair production, animal welfare, and sustainability through the origin and sourcing of the wool, the breeding conditions of the animals, and the processing/dyeing of the fibers produced.

Their yarn collection impresses with the combination of luxurious fibers and excellent craftsmanship, and ranges from delicate lace to bulky yarns with upwards of twenty colors for each quality. The innovative manufacturing process behind SUPERLIGHT yarns makes every fiber airy and light. In fact, a 25g SUPERLIGHT skein will give you a similar yardage to a 50g skein. As a result, your knitted garments will weigh significantly less with unparalleled wearing comfort. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever cast on before!

Lamana also creates beautiful designs that are both timeless yet fashionable. All of their patterns are conveniently available in English for purchase and download on their website and Ravelry.