Knit Purl Hand Salve


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The Perfect companion to any knit or crochet project!

We all love working with our hands but at times they become stiff and sore and just plain cranky. That’s when skin loving plant oils can offer soothing relief.

I blend Mango, Cocoa and Organic Shea Butters to restore, nourish and protect the skin. Then I infuse Olive Oil with Calendula blossoms to soothe skin inflammation and I also infuse Arnica Flowers to relieve swelling and soreness.

Since all of these natural goodies are blended with creamy luscious beeswax – this non-greasy salve is particularly great for spinners, knitters and crocheters as it keeps hands soft, smooth and soothed while working with different fibers.

By the way, there’s no reason why you can’t rub this salve on to achey knees or elbows…I do! Choose from an assortment of fragrances or nothing at all! Packed in a reusable tin…need a spot for your stitch markers, maybe?… net wt: 1.5 oz


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