Sandnes Garn Soft Start for Babies 2213

Barely anything is cuter than a baby wearing knitted clothing, right? In this collection, you will find many good basic garments for babies.


The Ivo tights w/straps have room for soft baby bellies and thighs, and at the same time have a good fit. If you knit a Loui sweater, you get the perfect rib-pattern sweater that goes with most things. Knit it in Double Sunday or Duo. Levi Booties are just as good in the pram as they are for active days in kindergarten. The Levi blanket is knitted in Double Sunday and Kos and comes in two different sizes. The smallest size fits perfectly as a pram blanket. Luma jumpsuit can be knitted in Kos or Double Sunday, with or without fold-over edges for hands and feet. Bino is a classic taken from our archive. Lovely as a set, but the clothes are also nice individually. You can knit Arlo onesie and bonnet in Alpakka Silke or Sunday. Perfect newborn clothes, but also good for older babies. The Colette dress is lovely for little ones and easier to knit than you think. It is also available for older children in collection 2211 Soft Knit for Kids. You can get fitting outfits by knitting the Helle Slipover, also available for kids and women. Helle slipover pattern for kids can be found in the 2211 collection, and for mum in collection 2210 DIY.

We hope you will be inspired to get started on your soft baby knit! Happy knitting!

Patterns included in this catalog:

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 in