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2303 – No. 2. Sweater worked from neck down with 1 strand Peer Gynt + 1 strand Alpakka Følgetråd. Alternative for Alpakka Følgetråd is Tynn Silk Mohair.

Needles used (find conversions to US sizes here):


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Peer Gynt

PEER GYNT is produced in 100% Norwegian wool, soft and comfortable. This is Sandnes Garn's oldest yarn quality and has been on the market since 1938.  Suitable for knitting anything that will take a beating and still remain in good shape, such as garments for kids and men!

Peer Gynt Tweed - 75% Norwegian wool and 25% wool from fra Peru, non-superwash

50 grams per skein = about 91 meters/99 yds.

For more Peer Gynt colors, check the PetiteKnit colorway here.

Swatch shows 22 stitches per 10cm (4") using needle sizes.

No bleach

No Iron

Cleanse normal

No dryer

Dry Flat


**If you need Peer Gynt and we're out of stock in the color you want, please check SMART! It's the same yarn (100% Norwegian wool) but it's superwashed. All Sandnes Garn superwash yarns are free of microplastics**


Alpakka Følgetråd (lace weight)

Alpakka Folgetrad (complimentary thread) is an alternative for Tynn Silk Mohair, as a complimentary thread, for those who do not wish a fluffy expression.

We have chosen not to set needle sizes or knitting tension, as we believe it works best as a complimentary thread.

100% alpaca wool


Sandnes Garn Collection 2303 Soft for Kids

Here’s a new collection with lovely and soft knits for the kids!

This collection contains soft and mushy sweaters and cardigans, of which many were previously designed for adults, but due to popular request, they have now been transformed into stylish to knits for boys and girls.

Patterns in this catalog include: Loui Sweater, Marley Sweater, Vienna Cardigan, Flur de Lis sweater, All smiley sweater, Big smiley sweater.

Scroll down for individual patterns.


PLEASE NOTE: Per Sandnes Garn requirements, each Sandnes Garn catalog requires a project’s worth of yarn. Please refer to the pattern information to figure out how much yarn you’ll need for the size you’re making. Any orders not meeting that requirement will be canceled. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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The sizes are indicative and it is recommended to take measurements of the person who is going to wear the garment. The given dimensions are calculated according to the specified knitting tension.

2 years 4 years 6 years 8 years 10 years 12 years
Chest width: 69  cm 74   cm 81  cm 88   cm 95  cm 102   cm
Length: approx 36  cm, or suitable 38   cm, or suitable 44  cm, or suitable 47   cm, or suitable 50  cm, or suitable 52   cm, or suitable
Sleeve length: 25  cm, or suitable 29   cm, or suitable 32  cm, or suitable 34   cm, or suitable 36  cm, or suitable 38  cm, or suitable


The number of skeins needed is based on the given dimensions. If you want longer garments, please remember that you may need extra yarn.

2 years 4 years 6 years 8 years 10 years 12 years
PEER GYNT Marsipan tutti frutti tweed 2720: 5 5 7 8 9 11
ALPAKKA FØLGETRÅD Marzipan 2321: 1 1 2 2 2 3

[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2023 Used by permission.]

Other patterns included in this book (Sandnes Garn Pattern Book (2303):

Additional information

Peer Gynt

Weight 60.0 g
Peer Gynt Colors

1001 Bright White, 1002 White, 1012 Natural, 1021 Light Gray Heather, 1032 Lt Gray Heather, 1035 Gray heather falling leaves tweed, 1042 Gray Heather, 1044 Natural Tutti Frutti Tweed, 1053 Dk Gray Heather, 1088 Smoke, 1099 Black, 1502 Light Gray heather blue tweed, 2016 Sunny Yellow, 2035 Ochre, 2122 Moonstone, Yellow Sand 2134, 2321 Marzipan, Amber 2324, 2337 Ochre, 2523 Natural Tweed, Burnt Toast 2544, 2564 Golden Brown, 2572 Light Brown Heather, 2650 Gray Beige Heather, 2652 Medium Brown Heather, 2720 Marzipan Tutti-Frutti Tweed, 2730 Beige Heather Natural, 3021 Lt Beige Heather, Autumn 3062, 3082 Dk Brown, 3161 Acorn, Powder Pink 3511, Golden Nude 3522, 3553 Dusty Plum Pink, Brown 3571, 3800 Bristol Black, 3819 Spicy Orange, 3845 Terracotta, 3854 Spiced Apple, 3890 Licorice, 4018 Scarlet Red, 4023 Old Pink, 4043 Plum Pink, Wine Red 4065, 4213 Blossom, 4228 Red, Dk Old Pink 4244, 4315 Bubblegum Pink, 4363 Wine red, 4600 Jazzy Pink, 4615 Pink Natural Tweed, 4626 Shocking Pink, 4628 Magenta, Dusty Lilac 4631, 4672 Blackberry Juice, 4813 Pink Lilac, 5023 Lilac, Purple 5043, 5224 Lt. Lilac, 5235 Passionflower, 5535 Blue Iris, 5575 Marine, Sky Blue 6013, 6035 Blue Hortensia Tutti Frutti Tweed, 6044 Regatta Blue, 6046 Jolly Blue, 6062 Dark Blue, 6072 Blue Gray Heather, 6324 Blue Heather, 6364 Blue, Petrol 6553, 6572 Dk Blue, 6581 Dk Gray Blue, Sea Green 7024, Dusty Petrol 7212, 7213 Blue Turquoise, Deep Petrol 7272, 7281 Deep Petrol, 7572 Petroleum, 8051 Eucalyptus, Dark Green 8063, 8082 Forest Green, 8236 Jelly Bean Green, 8733 Spring Green, 9004 Lemon, 9080 Urban Chic, 9364 Moss Green, 9572 Dk Green Heather, 9825 Sunny Lime, Moss Green 9844

Alpakka Følgetråd (lace weight)

Weight 60.0 g

1002 White, Putty 1015, Lt. Gray Heather 1032, 1042 Gray Heather, 1099 Black, Marzipan 2321, 2650 Beige Heather, 3091 Cacao Nibs, 3161 Acorn, 4008 Poppy, 4018 Scarlet Red, 4315 Bubblegum Pink, 4628 Magenta, Blackberry Juice 4672, 5882 Marine, Dk. Gray Blue 6581, Deep Petrol 7281, 9004 Lemon, 9080 Urban Chic, 9825 Sunny Lime


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