Knitting & Crochet Patterns

For those looking for creative outlets for their crafting needs, there are plenty of both knitting and crochet patterns available. Whether you’re a beginner or expert crafter, there are various types of projects you can do with either technique. From simple scarves or hats to complex sweaters or bags, and if it’s “that time” – try your hand at creating handmade baby booties or blankets!  

Finished projects often become family heirlooms because they are so unique –– no two patterns ever turn out exactly alike! And unlike store-bought items these handmade items represent not only time spent but also skill honed over hours spent mastering these crafts.


For LAMANA patterns, you can download them from LAMANA’s website or Ravelry.

New to knitting or crochet?

When following a pattern it is important for knitters and crocheters to have an understanding of the fundamental concepts, techniques, and terminology that are central to their craft, such as “casting on” (starting your project) and “binding off” (finishing your project).

Additionally, new knitters need to learn terminology such as “knit stitch” (a looping stitch created by wrapping the working yarn around the right-hand needle), “purl stitch” (a looping stitch created by wrapping the working yarn behind the right-hand needle), and “decreasing” (subtracting stitches from your work).

For crocheters it’s important to understand terms like “chain stitch” (creating foundation rows with a series of loops joined with single crochet stitches), “single crochet” (a looping stitch made by inserting hook into desired space then drawing up a loop before joining it with another loop), “half double crochet” (a slightly larger loop made by drawing up two loops before joining it with another loop) , and “slip stich”  (used both for starting off rounds/rows as well as joining rounds together).

Want to learn more? Here are some additional tips for new knitters and new crocheters.