Test Knitters


Why do we need test knitters?

From time to time, we will need to either test patterns from Sandnes Garn to ensure that they make sense after they have been translated to English or we will be working with an independent designer and will need to make sure that the pattern doesn’t require some correction. Test knitters will be required to knit the product and communicate any/all corrections they feel should be made. Notes are extremely helpful and we would appreciate all communications be written in email so we can keep track.

How do you select test knitters?

Test knitters will be selected based first on the best match for our needs, and then on a first come basis. We will keep a database of test knitter applications; if you do not hear back from us right away, you may in the future!

I haven’t heard from you, why not?

First, have you checked your spam filter? If you have and are sure we did not respond, that means we have enough test knitters for our current round of projects and will put your name into our file for future use. Typically we’ll respond within a week if we have a current project need. We get many applications for test knitters so are not able to personally respond to all, even though we appreciate the application.

When will you receive your yarn + pattern?

We will email you when we are ready to ship out our kits. Some come from Norway and we may not have them on hand but will soon.  We will also send you a tracking code for the package so you will know exactly when you will receive it.

Will I get to keep the item I’m knitting?

Sometimes. We may or may not return it to you, depending on how many other test knitters we have working on the same style/color. If we do not return the item to you, you will have the option to either have replacement yarn sent (your choice of color) or shop credit of equal amount.

I’m a test knitter and have a question; who do I contact?

You can email us directly at Mother Knitter by filling out the Contact Us form.

What am I expected to do?

  • Email with any pattern questions/corrections. Please keep good notes that we can share with the designers.
  • Complete the project within the timeframe required; ends need to be sewn in and blocked
  • Photograph the item (on yourself or your ‘model’ if applicable) and promote it on your social media handles with tags/credit back to us.
  • Return it to us; we may send it back to you or we may send you replacement yarn in your choice of color (same size) OR shop credit of equal amount.
  • Be ethical. Patterns shared with you are the property of Sandnes Garn and cannot be used, shared or sold without express permission. Likewise, products created from Sandnes Garn patterns are for personal use only and not for resale.

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