Charlie Bonnet

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Catalog 2106 – Nr 7C – Baby bonnet knit in MANDARIN PETIT

The bonnet is knitted back and forth in pearl ribs. The sides are knitted together with the back of the head, and stitches are knitted for running along the neckline. Finally, an edge with chain stitches can be crocheted along the cast-on edge, to make the bonnet tighter around the face.


The amount of yarn is based on the stated dimensions. If you want longer garments, remember that you may need extra yarn.

ONE SIZE 0-3 mos 6 mos 9 mos 1 yr 2 yr
Mandarin Petit Golden Brown 2534: 1 1 1 1 1
Gauge 25 stitches pearl rib on needle size 3 mm, after blocking = 10 cm/4″
Difficulty **Easy
Designer Sandnes Garn
Tools 40cm (16″) Circular Needles in sizes 2.5mm + 3mm, Crochet hook in 2.5mm
Yarn gauge 27 stitches on 3mm needles = 10 cm/4″
Yarn Alternates Babyull Lanett, Alpakka Silke, Tynn Merinoull, Mini Alpakka

Baby Summer - Sandnes Garn 2106

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[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2021. Used by permission.]

Mandarin Petit

Discover the benefits of Mandarin Petit, our thinnest and 100% plant-based cotton yarn. With its absorbent properties, it easily wicks away moisture, making it an ideal choice for summer garments as well as interior products such as towels, cloths and potholders.

If you have sensitive skin or find wool itchy, you'll love the soft and non-scratchy feel of this cotton yarn.

Running length per skein = about 180 meters/197 yds.

Swatch shows 27 stitches per 10 cm (4").

No bleach

Cleanse normal

No dryer



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Additional information

Baby Summer - Sandnes Garn 2106

Weight 350.0 g

Pattern h

Mandarin Petit

Weight 60.0 g
Mandarin Petit Colors

Bright White 1001, White 1002, Natural 1012, Black 1099, Freedom Yellow 2008, Yellow 2102, Corn Yellow 2124, Yellow Sand 2134, Ochre 2146, Tapenade 2153, Khaki 2205, Warm Yellow 2524, Golden Brown 2534, Autumn 2546, Sandstone 2724, 3009 Orange Tiger, Almond 3011, Ice Coffee 3051, Medium Brown 3161, Orange 3316, Powder Pink 3511, Chili 3528, 3535 Lt Copper Brown, Pink Sand 3542, Linen Brown 3870, Light Peach Flower 4002, English Rose 4013, 4018 Scarlet Red, Chocolate Brown 4063, 4213 Blossom, Terracotta 4234, Pink 4301, Warm Pink 4314, 4315 Bubblegum Pink, Rose 4323, Raspberry Cream 4335, Raisin 4362, Dark Red 4418, Clear Pink 4505, Cerise 4518, Light Lilac 4620, Dusty Pink 4621, Light Heather 4622, Shocking Pink 4626, 4813 Pink Lilac, 5023 Lilac, 5252 Twilight, Blue Lavender 5532, Lilac 5553, Medium Blue 5844, Dark Gray 5870, Light Blue 5930, Blue 6015, Gray 6030, Blue Hortensia 6032, Dark Gray Blue 6061, Marine Blue 6072, Marine 6073, Dusk Blue 6314, 6315 Turquoise, Freedom Blue 6335, Blue Jean 6543, Petrol 6553, Aquamint 6803, Dusty Petrol 6822, 7213 Blue Turquoise, Dusty Turquoise 7511, Blue Mint 7720, Dark Green 8052, Jelly Bean Green 8236, Mint Green 8511, Pistachio 8522, Green 8734, 9004 Lemon, Dusty Light Green 9041, Denim 9463, Light Green 9522, Light Chinos Green 9822, 9825 Sunny Lime


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