Double Sunday is a yarn quality we’ve launched with Mette, PetiteKnit. It’s a non-superwash treated merinowool yarn with 108 meters per 50 grams. It’s great on it’s own and delicate knitted with one of our Silk Mohair yarn qualities. In our Double Sunday collection you will find good basic garments for ladies, men, and children, knitted with different techniques and constructions. With an exception of the hat, everything is knitted from neck down. This makes it easy to regulate the length of the sleeves and yoke, so that it fits you perfectly! Some of the garments are easy to knit, others are more complicated. We hope that you become inspired of this collection, the yarn and all the colors. Enter the Sunday feeling, enjoy a cup of coffee, knitting time and that time slows down.

For this collection of patterns we do not yet have the physical catalog, but a digital downloadable pattern is included in the price when you purchase the yarn for a specific pattern.


Patterns shown included in catalog: Noomi cardigan, Mia sweater, Haley Sweater, Herman Sweater, Hennie cardigan, Sienna zipper sweater, Skipper hat, and Lynn’s sweater.


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