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It’s so fun to see how old patterns from our archive are forever current. They become so nice, regardless of if you’re knitting them in classic color combinations, or make a new twist with new and perhaps unexpected colors. The patterns you find here, you will also find in another collection for adults. This way, both kids and adults have the opportunity to have matching knitted outfits. One of the changes in this collection is Marius knitted with raglan, this is something many knitters have asked for, and it fits well for this pattern. The Islender sweater is another classic we’ve brought back to life. We’ve also revived Valldal, Guro and Lundekvam in this collection. Now we’re hoping that you, just like us, become inspired to get started on knitting a Norwegian Icon. Happy knitting!

[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2021. Used by permission.] Patterns shown included in the catalog:

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