Merinoull [DK/Superwash Merino Wool]


Made from 100% pure merino wool, this delicious and soft yarn is specifically designed for baby and children’s wear. The superwash treatment ensures the yarn can withstand frequent machine washing, making it easy to care for and maintain.

The merino wool in this yarn is from South America and Sandnes Garn has guaranteed that the wool does not come from sheep that have been subjected to mulesing.

Running length per skein 50g = about 105 meters/115 yds.

No bleach

Cleanse normal

No dryer

Dry Flat


Merino wool is a highly sought-after fiber due to its superior softness and performance qualities. The fine and soft wool produced by merino sheep is ideal for clothing, providing excellent insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities. This means that merino wool clothing helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Additionally, the natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties of merino wool make it a popular choice for athletic wear and travel clothing.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy winter sweater or a lightweight summer shawl, MERINOULL merino wool yarn is the perfect choice. Its insulating properties will keep you warm in cold weather, while its moisture-wicking capabilities will keep you cool in warm weather. And because merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water before it starts to feel wet, it’s the ideal choice for a wide range of clothing applications. So why wait? Start your next project with MERINOULL merino wool yarn today!


Running length per skein 50g = about 105 meters/115 yds. The garment must be washed separately.

Needle sizes shown in millimeters; for US conversions, click here. Swatch shows 22 stitches per 10 cm (4″). Yarn weights are approximate; for more specific information on yarn weight conversions, click here.

[Images and product artwork ©Sandnes Garn 2022. Used by permission.]

Additional information

Weight 60.0 g
MU Colors

Optic White 1001, White 1002, Putty 1015, Gray Heather 1042, Smoke 1055, Black 1099, Corn Yellow 2015, Yellow 2023, 2122 Yellow Moonstone, Sand shell 2125, Warm Yellow 2126, 2321 Marzipan, Honey 2325, Sand 2431, Curry 2537, Burnt Yellow Brown 2544, Light Hazelnut 2550, Golden Brown 2564, 2743 Caramel, 3031 Beige, Autumn 3062, 3073 Chocolate, Medium Brown 3161, Rust 3345, Powder Pink 3511, Peach Blossom 4033, Dark Terracotta 4035, Old Pink 4042, Red 4219, Dark Brick 4254, Dusty Pink 4312, 4363 Wine red, Light Heather 4622, 4628 Magenta, Dusty Lilac 4631, Heather 4645, Pink 4715, 4813 Pink Lilac, Dark Purple 4855, Lilac 5002, Dusty Purple 5042, 5224 Lt. Lilac, 5252 Twilight, 5532 Blue Lavender, Marine 5575, Light Gray 5830, Cobalt 5836, Blue 5846, Light Blue 6011, Sky Blue 6013, 6032 Blue Hortensia, Jeans Blue 6052, Dark Blue 6062, Ink Blue 6063, Gray Blue 6071, Dusty Light Blue 6211, Ice Blue 6531, 7213 Blue Turquoise, Deep Petrol 7272, Dark Petrol 7364, Petrolium 7572, Dusty Petrol 7741, Emerald 7755, Dusty Light Green 8521, Deep Forest Green 8581, 9062 Olive Green, Olive Green 9364, 9825 Sunny Lime


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