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Collection / 2308 DIY (Vol 1) / No. 2. Work neck warmer from top down with double yarn (= 1 strand Alpakka Ull + 1 strand Tynn Silk Mohair) and rib pattern.
We are waiting for a shipment of the paper catalogs. In the meantime, you pay purchase this individual pattern, which is available as a PDF download, and included in the price for this project. Per Sandnes Garn requirements, in order to purchase the pattern/catalog for the project,  the corresponding purchase of yarn is also required. All patterns are in English.  Lowest “from” price indicates that there is optional yarn for this project on sale; price will adjust according to yarn + size selected.

Needles used (find conversions to US sizes here): Circular needles 4.5mm/US7 (or size required to meet gauge)

GAUGE: 13 STS = 10 CM


The sizes shown are finished sizes and it is recommended to take measurements of the person who is going to wear the garment. The given dimensions are calculated according to the specified knitting tension.


One size
Width front: 41  cm
Width back: 41  cm
Length front: 32  cm, or suitable
Length back: 25  cm, or suitable


The number of skeins needed is based on the given dimensions. If you want longer garments, please remember that you may need extra yarn.

One size
ALPAKKA ULL Poppy 4008: 5
TYNN SILK MOHAIR Poppy 4008: 2

Alpakka Ull

ALPACA WOOL contains 65% alpaca and 35% wool. This premium quality yarn combines the best of both alpaca and wool to create a fiber that is both light and warm. The alpaca fiber provides the softness and insulation properties, while the wool contributes to the lightness and elasticity of the yarn.

The softness and comfort of this yarn makes it ideal for clothing that will be worn close to the skin, such as scarves, hats, mittens, and baby clothes.

Running length per 50g skein = about 100 meters/109 yds.

Wool 30 degrees Celcius

No bleach

Cleanse normal

No dryer



Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair

Tynn Silk Mohair is a soft and luxurious yarn blend made of the finest mohair, wool, and silk fibers. It is thin, lightweight, and goes a long way, making it perfect for creating airy and elegant garments. Using one or multiple strands of Tynn Silk Mohair will give you a plush and airy end product. It can also be used as an accompanying strand with other yarns to add a touch of luxury and structure to your garment.

Tynn Silk Mohair contains 57% mohair, 15% wool and 28% silk.

Running length per 25 g skein = approx 212 m/232 yds

Swatch shows 24 stitches per 10 cm (4") for size 3 needle; 18 stitches per size 5 needle.

Wool 30 degrees Celcius

No bleach

No dryer



In stock


[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2023 Used by permission.]

Other patterns included in this book (Sandnes Garn Pattern Book (2308):

Additional information

Alpakka Ull

Weight 60.0 g
Alpaca Wool Colors

White 1002, Putty 1015, Gray Heather 1042, Dark Gray Heather 1053, Smoke 1088, Black 1099, Corn 2015, 2122 Moonstone, Chalk 2320, 2321 Marzipan, Mustard 2335, Ochre 2355, Almond 2511, Camel 2542, Golden Brown 2564, Beige Heather 2650, 3161 Acorn, 3355 Rust, Powder Pink 3511, 3521 Pearl pink, Dusty Plum Pink 3553, Brown 3571, Coffee 3581, 3800 Bristol Black, 3819 Spicy orange, 4008 Poppy, Dusty Old Pink 4023, Marsala 4034, Dk Terracotta 4035, Red 4219, 4236 Deep red, 4600 Jazzy Pink, 4628 Magenta, 4813 Pink Lilac, Lilac 5002, Purple 5043, 5224 Light Lilac, 5535 Blue Iris, Marine 5575, Sky Blue 6013, 6032 Hortensia, 6046 Jolly blue, Blue Jeans 6052, Midnight 6081, Dark Blue 6364, Ice Blue 6531, Petrol 6553, Petrol 6765, 7213 Blue turquoise, Deep Petrol 7272, Petroleum 7572, Emerald 7755, Eucalyptus 8051, 8062 Green Myrtle, Dark Green 8063, Forest Green 8082, 8236 Jelly bean green, Moss Green 9573, 9825 Sunny lime

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair

Weight 30.0 g
Thin Silk Mohair colors

Natural 1012, Putty 1015, Light Gray 1022, Black 1099, Yellow Green 2024, Light Yellow 2101, Straw 2113, 2122 Yellow Moonstone, Ocher 2136, 2321 Marzipan, Almond 2511, 2534 Fudge, Burnt Sugar 2543, Orange 2727, Golden Brown 2755, Light Beige 3021, Light Acorn 3041, Pumpkin 3044, Dark Brown 3072, 3073 Chocolate, Hazelnut 3161, Powder Pink 3511, 3535 Lt Copper Brown, Dusty Plum Pink 3553, Rust 3554, 3800 Bristol Black, Orange 3818, Terracotta 3835, 3880 Dk. Chocholate, 4008 Poppy, Lt Sienna 4025, Peach Blossom 4033, Deep Wine Red 4054, Dusty Brown 4062, Deep Red 4236, Dark Old Pink 4244, Pink 4303, Dusty Pink 4310, Rose 4323, Wine Red 4545, 4600 Jazzy Pink, Shocking Pink 4626, 4628 Magenta, Dusty Lilac 4631, 4632 Rose Lavender, 4672, 4813 Pink Lilac, Dusty Purple 5042, Purple 5043, Light Crocus 5214, 5235 Passionflower, 5535 Blue iris, Deep Marine 5581, Soft Blue 5835, Light Blue 6012, Sky Blue 6023, Dark Sky Blue 6042, 6044 Regatta Blue, Jolly Blue 6046, Deep Blue 6081, 6315 Turquoise, Ice Blue 6552, Petrol 6564, Steel Gray 6707, 7213 Blue Turquoise, 7281 Deep Petrol, 7720 Blue haze, Jolly Green Bean 8236, Dusty Light Green 8521, Deep Forest Green 8581, Olive Green 9062, Dusty Olive Green 9071, 9080 Urban Chic, Lt Chinos Green 9822, Sunny Lime 9825, Olive Green 9850, Capers 9862


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