Small Elf – Nr 7


The elf is crocheted with a knit hat and scarf, all in Tove (can be substituted with TYNN ALPAKKA ULL)



Needles used (find conversions to US sizes here):

Double pointed needles in sizes 2.5; Crochet hook 3mm

Measurements in cm

Height (ca) 10cm

Yarn Needed

TOVE Medium Brown Heather 26521
TOVE Oatmeal 26411
TOVE Red Heather 24361
TOVE Green 82461
TOVE Yellow Green 96361
TOVE Seagreen Heather 72521

[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2019. Used by permission.]

Patterns included in Catalog 60:

Additional information

Weight400 g

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