LAMANA Como Tweed

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100% Wool (Merino Superfine)

The COMO variant in a fashionable tweed look. For everyone who is looking for a tweed look and perfect softness in SUPERLIGHT Quality at the same time.





100% Wool (Merino Superfine)

STANDARD 100    



GAUGE (10 X 10CM): 22 S x 34 R
METERAGE: ca. 120m, 25g
AMOUNT: Pullover in size M (38-40), ca. 275g



Lamana’s SUPERLIGHT COMO TWEED Yarn is the perfect choice for those seeking the latest in fashion and comfort. The innovative tweed look combined with the ultra-soft feel of this yarn is sure to elevate your knitting projects to the next level.

This super-fine merino wool yarn boasts a fashionable tweed design while still providing all the benefits of the popular LAMANA SUPERLIGHT Collection. The use of cutting-edge manufacturing processes allows LAMANA to produce a yarn that is incredibly lightweight and airy, making it ideal for knitwear that requires a comfortable and long-lasting, stylish finish.

Lamana is dedicated to providing customers with the finest in quality, style and comfort. That’s why they’ve chosen 100% super fine merino wool for their SUPERLIGHT COMO TWEED Yarn, ensuring that your projects not only look great, but are also durable and easy to care for. 

So if you’re looking for a fashionable tweed look with the perfect combination of softness and comfort, look no further than Lamana’s SUPERLIGHT COMO TWEED Yarn. With its innovative design and superior quality, this yarn is sure to be the centerpiece of your next project.

Additional information

Weight 30.0 g

Marble 57T, Light Gray 42T, Silver Gray 05T, Slate Gray 28T, Graphite 68T, Black 01T, Basalt Blue 46T, Ice Blue 54T, Night Blue 53T, Navy 11T, Carmine 33T, Lilac 32T, Blackberry 63T, Curry 08T, Muskat 47T, Mocha 65T, Khaki 07T, Fir 69T, Kiwi 66T, Mustard 67T


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