Tynn Line


Soft and delicious, TYNN LINE (Thin Linen) is a cotton and linen blend yarn that gives you a durable quality with a lovely linen look and drape.

53% cotton, 33% viscose and 14% linen.

Tynn Line and Line are the same yarn in two different thicknesses – Tynn Line is a 3-ply yarn and Line is a 4-ply yarn.

Running length per skein (50gr) = about 220 meters/240yds.

Swatch shows 27 stitches per 10 cm (4″).

Wool 30 degrees Celcius

No bleach

Cleanse normal

No dryer

No Iron


TYNN LINE is a versatile and unique blend of cotton, viscose, and linen, making it perfect for a variety of knit and crochet projects. Whether you’re looking for a cool and breathable material for warm weather garments, or a comfortable and absorbent yarn for homeware items, TYNN LINE is sure to fit the bill: The cotton in the blend adds softness and absorbency, while the viscose contributes a silky sheen. The linen adds a cool and breathable touch, making TYNN LINE ideal for summer garments and accessories.

The combination of the sheen of the viscose and the matte finish of the linen creates a fascinating texture and visual appeal, making any project you create with TYNN LINE stand out. Whether you’re making a light and airy summer t-shirt or some a stylish accessorites, TYNN LINE is a great choice for knitters and crocheters of all levels.

Additional information

Weight 60.0 g
TL Colors

White 1002, Test color 1009, Kitt 1015, Black 1099, Yellow Green 2024, Light Yellow 2113, Curry 2146, Light Beige 2331, Elephant Gray 2340, Ochre 2527, Golden Brown 2553, Burnt Sand 2734, 3009 Orange Tiger, Beige 3021, 3161 Acorn, Powder Rose 3511, Soft Terracotta 3513, 3819 Spicy Orange, Pearl Gray 3820, Light Peach Blossom 4002, Terracotta 4234, 4315 Bubblegum Pink, Rose 4323, Raspberry Cream 4335, Light Aubergine 4361, Syrin 4612, Light Lilac 4620, 4632 Rose Lavender, 5023 Lilac, Dusty Lilac 5052, 5252 Twilight, Light Blue 5930, Blue Hortensia 6032, 6044 Regatta Blue, Dark Blue Gray 6061, Slate 6080, Dark Blue 6364, Ice Blue 6531, Petrol 6554, Dusty Aqua 6841, 7213 Blue Turquoise, Dusty Light Blue 7521, Dusty Light Green 8521, 8532 Pistachio Ice Cream, Dusty Green 8561, 8733 Spring Green, Olive Green 9062, Light Green 9522, 9541 Green Tea, Light Chinos Green 9822, 9825 Sunny Lime


  1. Lara Booth (verified owner)

    I bought the colours light beige and dusty light green. Both are super shiny and the perfect weight for summer tops!

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