Lamana Shetland

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100%  Wool



GAUGE (10 X 10CM): 26 S x 38 R
METERAGE: ca. 140m, 25g
AMOUNT: Pullover in size M (38-40), ca. 250g

Our rustic nordic style yarn made of 100 % lambswool is particularly suitable for designs with a sturdy look and also of course for classic fair isle knitting. Furthermore, Shetland can be excellently combined with our super soft LAMANA yarns and thereby gains a noticeably softer touch and completely new textures are created.

The SUPERLIGHT Collection – for lightweight knitwear:
By using innovative manufacturing processes our SUPERLIGHT yarns receive a unique lightness. As a result the knitted favorites weigh significantly less than usual and offer an incomparable airy wearing comfort.


LAMANA’s Shetland Yarn – The Perfect Blend of Rustic Charm and Softness: Bring the Nordic look to your knitting projects with LAMANA’s Shetland Yarn, made from 100% lambswool for a sturdy, classic look. Ideal for fair isle knitting, Shetland also offers versatility when combined with LAMANA’s super soft yarns. The result is a noticeably softer touch and unique textures, perfect for designs that need a touch of rustic charm.

The LAMANA SUPERLIGHT Collection – for lightweight knitwear: LAMANA is dedicated to creating the best yarns for knitwear and the SUPERLIGHT Collection is no exception. Using innovative manufacturing processes, the yarns in this collection receive a unique lightness, resulting in knits that weigh significantly less and offer incomparable wearing comfort. Upgrade your projects to the next level with the LAMANA SUPERLIGHT Collection.

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Weight 30.0 g

00 Wool White, 01 Black, 04 M Anthracite, 05 Silver Grey, 08 Curry, 11 M Navy, 12 M Jeans, 16 Bordeaux, 25 M Copper, 28 M Slate Gray, 31 M Plum, 33 Carmine, 38 M Linden Green, 41 M Dark Jeans, 45 M Carribean Blue, 47 M Muscat, 48 M Macadamia, 54 M Ice Blue, 61 M Lavender, 69 M Fir, 70 M Fern, 71 M Salmon, 73 M Rust, 74 M Seagrass


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