Sandnes Garn Slouchy Hat Kit

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We’ve paired up some of our favorite yarn and vegan pom poms by LOVAfur to bring you the easiest kit ever! Just choose your yarn color + pom pom and your all set to go (and if you need needles, we’ve got you covered)!

**PLEASE NOTE: if purchasing without the pom pom, you will receive the kit packaged as a pattern and yarn, same as a regular order**

Børstet (Brushed) Alpakka × 2

With its airy texture and light weight, Børstet Alpakka is the ideal choice for creating soft and comfortable garments that are perfect for all seasons. The brushed finish gives the yarn a fuzzy texture that adds an extra layer of softness to each stitch, making it a great choice for baby clothes, blankets, scarves, and hats.

96% brushed alpaca and 4% nylon.
Running length per 50 grams = about 110 meters/120 yds
Recommended wool detergent: Mild. The garment must be washed separately.

Swatch shows 16 stitches per 10 cm (4") for size 5 needle; 12 stitches per 10cm for size 7 needle.


Wool 30 degrees Celcius

No bleach

No dryer


LOVAfur Faux Fur | Fox Pom Pom

Composition: 50% Polyacryl, 34% Modacryl, 16% Polyester

Pile: 65mm

Diameter: 15cm

Attachment: 10mm woven ribbon

LOVAfur Raccoon Pom Poms can be found here


Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection 16" Fixed Circulars

Manufactured from superior stainless steel for a smooth knitting surface

Inspirational words (ex. Imagine, believe, focus) on each needle, to enhance knitting peace and pleasure

Perfectly Crafted Tips for fine fiber work

Flexible memory-free cords in Teal with 1" interval markings for no-twist glide

Offered with a free sterling silver-plated metal marker

Out of stock

Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection: 10" Fixed Set | Explore

  • A set that certainly needs to be explored!
  • The 8 popular sizes in 10” circulars are perfect for socks and other small projects.
  • More fun for all those who like using fixed circulars, the Explore set is offered in a “smart” round case that can be folded to the quarter of the open case size.
  • The artistically designed case shows off the needles through translucent fabric
    with the needles appearing like a flower in bloom.
  • The great collection of accessories includes useful tools such as darning needles, 50 stitch markers, gauge and a pair of foldable scissors.
  • Truly a set that is a great value for money well spent!


  • US Size: 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 & 6
  • Metric Size: (mm) 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, 3.50 & 4.00
  • Accessories Packaging: 1 Needle Gauge, 2 Darning Needles,
  • 10 Locking Stitch Markers
  • 10 Split Stitch Markers,
  • 30 Round Stitch Markers
  • Pair of Foldable Scissors
  • Fabric case with floral motif

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Kit includes 100g Børstet (Brushed) Alpakka yarn, vegan pom pom (optional) + pattern.

Materials Needed (not included): 5mm circular needles


Additional information

Børstet (Brushed) Alpakka

Weight 60.0 g
Borstet Colors

White 1001, Natural 1012, Porcelain 1014, Gray Heather 1042, Smoke Heather 1088, Black 1099, 2016 Sunny Yellow, Corn Yellow 2024, Vanilla 2102, Light Yellow 2112, Yellow 2127, Tapenade 2153, Orange 2337, 2523 Natural Tweed, Burnt Sugar 2543, Golden Brown 2564, Beige Heather 2650, Burnt Sand 2734, Beige 3021, Cafe Latte 3040, Acorn 3161, Rust 3355, Gray Fog 3502, Nude 3522, Dusty Plum Rose 3553, 3800 Bristol black, Spicy Orange 3819, Pearl Gray 3820, 4008 Poppy, Light Sienna 4025, Peach Flower 4033, Marsala 4034, Deep Wine Red 4054, 4213 Blossom, Red 4219, Deep Red 4236, 4315 Bubblegum Pink, Warm Pink 4324, Plum 4360, Cerise 4517, 4600 Jazzy Pink, Powder Pink 4602, Pink Ruby 4625, Bubblegum Pink 4626, 4628 Magenta, Dusty Lilac 4631, 4632 Rose Lavender, 4672 Blackberry juice, 4813 Pink Lilac, Purple 5043, 5224 Light Lilac, Dark Purple 5229, 5535 Blue Iris, Marine Blue 5575, Cobalt 5836, Light Blue 6003, 6032 Blue Hortensia, Dk Sky Blue 6042, 6044 Regatta Blue, Jolly Blue 6046, Ink Blue 6060, 6064 Blueberry, Midnight 6070, Light Blue Gray 6220, 6315 Turquoise, Petrol Blue 6563, Petrol Green 6765, Aqua Marine 7020, 7213 Blue Turquoise, Light Seabreeze 7231, 7281 Deep Petrol, 7821 Deep Petrol, Spring Green 8026, 8062 Green myrtle, Jelly Bean Green 8236, Green 8264, Green 8532, Deep Forest Green 8581, Olivegreen 9062, Moss Green 9554, Dark Green 9575, Leaf Green 9645, Lt Chinos Green 9822, 9825 Sunny Lime

LOVAfur Faux Fur | Fox Pom Pom

Weight 60.0 g
Fox Colors

White, Cream, Beige, Scarlett, Wine, Magenta, Pink, Ocean Blue, Dk Blue, Steel Gray, Black, Camel, Orange, Hot Pink Lurex, Aqua, Emerald, Neon Lime, Black Gray White, Classic 37 Medium Brown, Harlequin Blue

Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection 16" Fixed Circulars

Weight 50.0 g
Fixed Circulars: 16"

US1.5 (2.5mm), US2.5 (3mm), US4 (3.5mm), US6 (4mm), US7 (4.5mm), US8 (, US9 (5.5mm), US2 (2.75mm), US3 (3.25mm), US10 (6mm), US13 (9mm), US15 (10mm), US10.5 (6.5mm), US11 (8mm)

Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection: 10" Fixed Set | Explore

Weight 200.0 g


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