Lamana Milano

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90% Wool (Merino Superfine)
10% Cashmere



GAUGE (10 X 10CM): 30 S x 40 R
METERAGE: ca. 180m, 25g
AMOUNT: Pullover in size M (38-40), ca. 200g

The SUPERLIGHT Fingering yarn for cashmere-soft knits is an all-rounder for the whole year: used single-threaded  for elegant summer stoles, two threads together is perfectly suitable for coats, practically with no significant weight.

The SUPERLIGHT Collection – for lightweight knitwear:
By using innovative manufacturing processes our SUPERLIGHT yarns receive a unique lightness. As a result the knitted favorites weigh significantly less than usual and offer an incomparable airy wearing comfort.


LAMANA’s MILANO Fingering Yarn combines the best of both worlds, with 90% Merino Superfine wool and 10% Cashmere. This special blend of fibers provides a cashmere-soft feel that is perfect for creating elegant summer stoles when used single-threaded and suitable for sweaters and cardigans when used with two threads. The result is a versatile, all-season knit material that is lightweight and provides an incomparable airy wearing comfort.

The SUPERLIGHT Collection – A range of lightweight knitwear: LAMANA’s innovative manufacturing processes have resulted in the creation of a unique lightness in our SUPERLIGHT yarns. This means that your knitted favorites will weigh significantly less than usual, making them perfect for comfortable, year-round wear. Whether you’re crafting delicate summer garments or cozy winter clothing, LAMANA’s MILANO Fingering Yarn is sure to deliver a luxurious feel and effortless style.

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Weight 30.0 g

00 Wool White, 01 Black, 03 M Slik Gray, 04 M Anthracite, 05 M Silver Gray, 11 Navy, 24 Petrol, 25 Copper, 32 Lilac, 33 Carmine, 34 Pine, 37 Pearl Gray, 38 Lind Green, 40 Anique Pink, 41 M Jeans Blue, 42 M Light Gray, 47 M Muscat, 54 M Ice Blue, 56 Burgundy, 57 M Marble, 62 Rose Quartz, 64 Sage, 69 Fir, 72 Cherry Blossom


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