Expert Quarterly Subscription

From: $125.00 every 3 months

Gift yourself, or someone else, a subscription that brings you a quarterly yarn surprise in the mail.

Are you, or someone you know looking for a challenge or to learn a new technique? This is the perfect subscription! It comes with a more complex pattern, usually a garment, some one fabulous yarn. An extra special gift will be in there too. Arrives in your mailbox four times a year.

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Subscription boxes will be charged and mailed out on the first day of the month, every 3 months (Jan1,  March 1,  June 1, Sept 1). Orders placed before the 15th of the month before the next scheduled delivery will be charged and shipped immediately. Orders placed within 15 days of the next scheduled delivery, will be charged and shipped on the following first day of the month. In both cases, subsequent deliveries will be charged and shipped on the first day of the month, every 3 months.

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Weight 1350 g
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