iis Woodling: Affordable & hip remix of Nordic sweater and cardigan designs.

Click here to check if there is a local stockist near you. (If not, tell your favorite local yarn store to carry Sandnes Garn!)

Sandnes Garn, the Norwegian yarn + design house since 1888 – while fairly new to the US market – is the most popular yarn in Scandinavia with a fast-growing and loyal fan base in the US.

Why? Their quality is exceptional, their Scandinavian designs are to die for, they have over 20 qualities of yarn (with 40+ colors each), including their wicked popular collaboration with PetiteKnit: Sunday.

The most recent collaboration with design house iis Woodling remixes contemporary and traditional designs with a hip-factor that is hard to resist. Furthermore, the designs make use of the chunky Fritidsgarn, Sandnes Garn’s most affordable yarn!

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