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Mette, age 30, is the woman behind PetiteKnit. She is a creative entrepreneur, who channels her creativity and passion for knitting into the brand PetiteKnit.

Sunday is the perfect base yarn: a thin non-superwash treated merino wool, which can be knitted with simple and double thread. Or knit together with Silk Mohair. This yarn is suitable for babies, children, and adults.

GAUGE: 28 stitches across 4 inches/10 cm on 3mm needles. Running length per skein (50 gr) = about 235 meters/257 yards. Needle sizes shown in millimeters; for US conversions, click here. Yarn weights are approximate; for more specific information on yarn weight conversions, click here.

The garment must be washed separately.

The raw material for this quality comes from Uruguay. Our supplier has guaranteed that the wool we buy does not come from sheep that have been exposed to mulesing

[Images and product artwork ©Sandnes Garn 2022. Used by permission.]

Additional information

Weight 60.0 g
Sunday Colors

Whipped Cream 1012, Foggy Gray 1031, Banana 2114, Croissant 2345, Almond 2511, Camel 2542, Chocolate Truffle 2564, 3071 Nutmeg, Brick 3536, Dusty Rouge 3553, That Orange Feeling 3819, 3821 Cardomom, Frozen Yoghurt 4313, Dusty Purple 4631, Sailor in the Dark 5581, Diamond Blue 6012, Baby Blue Eyes 6043, 6046 Electric Blue, Statement Green 8236, Into the Woods 9882


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