Sandnes Garn Knitting Cords Maskewire – Large


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Bag with 12 pcs. needle/knitting wire (3mm thick) 100cm.

These maskewire (Norwegian for ‘knit wire’) cords from Sandnes Garn are made of soft and hollow plastic, and are great for holding waste yarn stitches!  They are excellent when, for example, knitting from top to bottom to put the sleeve stitches off while you finish knitting the body.

Since the wire is hollow, it is easy to attach it to the tip of the knitting needle and pull the stitches over on the wire. When they are pulled over, it is okay to tie a knot on the wire so that the stitches do not fall off. Attach the tip of the knitting needle to the wire and pull the stitches back on the knitting needle when you are ready to knit the sleeves.

Best suited for needle thickness from US8/5mm to US15/10 mm.


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