Sandnes Garn Tema 57 Christmas (Jul)


Finally, we can start preparing for Christmas again! There is something magical about this time of year. For all of us who love to create, make and puzzle, the days are too few to manage to complete all the projects that are tempting. Time must be enjoyed, with candlelight, spice, neat wrapping paper, hot tea and yarn between your hands.

In this collection Sandnes Garn is a little nostalgic; dreaming of a Christmas with traditions, while bringing in the present. Here you will find braids, fanatical patterns and vintage-inspired Christmas decorations. The Christmas balls, bells and shopkeeper houses are reminiscent of grandparents’ ornaments. They are so detailed and lovely that only one, nicely wrapped, makes a great gift for a good friend.

We hope you are inspired by these designs to knit or crochet something special for someone you love, or for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

PLEASE NOTE: Per Sandnes Garn requirements, each Sandnes Garn catalog requires a project’s worth of yarn. Please refer to the pattern information to figure out how much yarn you’ll need for the size you’re making. Once the yarn has been added to the cart, you should be able to add the catalog. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2020. Used by permission.]

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