Sandnes Garn Catalog 2103 Soft Knit for Kids

In this collection, you’ll find simple constructions that are fun to knit. One of our favorites is the Billy’s Striped Sweater, a slightly oversized sweater knitted top-down. You have already seen Peter’s Rib Sweater in different variations from our previous collections. This time the rib sequence is a little different, the shape is oversized and it’s knitted top-down, We have two different variations to choose from, one version that is knitted with a single thread and another knitted with a double thread.

PLEASE NOTE: Per Sandnes Garn requirements, each Sandnes Garn catalog requires a project’s worth of yarn. Please refer to the pattern information to figure out how much yarn you’ll need for the size you’re making. Once the yarn has been added to the cart, you should be able to add the catalog; any orders not meeting that requirement will be canceled. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


[Images and product artwork ©Sandnes Garn 2021. Used by permission.]

Patterns included (Sandnes Garn Catalog 2103):

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