Sandnes Garn Catalog 1915 Baby


In this collection, you will find baby sets for newborns and timeless basics for babies and toddlers. You will find new designs like lovely bluebell, ‘Spire’ and the cool ‘Lille Trille’, but Sandnes Garn has also used older designs that they love. The clover pattern is timeless and very nice. Popcorn is also something they have used for both big and small. The cardigan and hat (bonnet) are both playful and classic in the same way. A wonderful combination!

PLEASE NOTE: Per Sandnes Garn requirements, each Sandnes Garn catalog requires a project’s worth of yarn. Please refer to the pattern information to figure out how much yarn you’ll need for the size you’re making. Once the yarn has been added to the cart, you should be able to add the catalog. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

**Please download the correction to pattern nr 15**

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[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2019. Used by permission.]

All patterns shown are included in this catalog:

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