Sandnes Garn Catalog 1803 KOS


If you haven’t used Sandnes Garn KOS yarn yet, get ready to be WOW-ed! Part of the Sandnes Garn range of alpaca yarns, it’s soft, light and warm. This pattern book is completely dedicated to this amazing yarn and has 18 patterns for men, women & children.

The color palette is inspiring, and the yarn suits many expressions and techniques. Some designs are knit with double thread, which provides a completely new texture. Welcome to many new wardrobe favorites!

We hope you are as inspired to knit something for the whole family.

PLEASE NOTE: Per Sandnes Garn requirements, each Sandnes Garn catalog requires a project’s worth of yarn. Please refer to the pattern information to figure out how much yarn you’ll need for the size you’re making. Once the yarn has been added to the cart, you should be able to add the catalog. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

[You will need a corresponding purchase of KOS yarn for this catalog; to select your yarn, click here]

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[Images and product artwork © Sandnes Garn 2019. Used by permission.]

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