Rainbow Sweater Nr 6


From Sandnes Garn Children’s Summer Pattern Booklet 1907 – Rainbow Sweater Nr. 6 – is a fun multicolor stripe sweater, knit in Tynn (thin) Silk Mohair and Tynn Line[Images and product artwork ©Sandnes Garn2019. Used by permission.]Measurements in cm2years4y6y8y10y12yOverall width646872768286Whole length354045505355~ Arm length332731343840Skeins Needed2y4y6y8y10y12yTynn Silk MohairNatural233445Tynn LineLight Blue111122Tynn LineSyrin111111Tynn LineYellow Green111111Tynn LineSoft Terracotta111112Other patterns included in this book (Sandnes Garn Children’s Summer Pattern Book 1907):

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60cm Circular Needles (3.5mm), 60cm Circular Needles (4mm), Double Pointed Needles (same sizes)


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