Little Doe Sheep Pins



Lovely to add to your project bags and projects! Show your knitting pride!

Materials: nickel, enamel, soft die struck, die struck, die struck enamel

1 1/4 inch in height
Die Struck Soft Enamel
Metal Clasp Backing for security
Silver outline with all silver feet
lilac all over coloring with peach face and sweet little smile

Purl crescent moon with knit far side of the moon enamel pin. Silver metal with yellow and navy blue enamel
1 1/4″/3cm

Say hello to the warmest hippo out there. Donning his fair isle knitted sweater, he’s ready to decorate your favorite bag or jacket!

His sweater is grey, blue, and purple outlined in shiny silver so he feels fancy and ready to dazzle!

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Sweet Baby Llama, Warm Hippo, Knit to the Moon


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