Alpakka Ull on Sale


ALPACA WOOL contains 65% alpaca and 35% wool, and is light as wool while warm as alpaca. ALPACA WOOL is a soft and durable quality that suits both children and adults.

Running length per 50g skein = about 100 meters/109 yds.

Wool 30 degrees Celcius

No bleach

Cleanse normal

No dryer


ALPAKKA ULL (WOOL) contains 65% alpaca and 35% wool. Light as wool and warm as alpaca. ALPAKKA ULL is a soft and durable quality that suits both children and adults. The garment must be washed separately.

Running length per50gskein = about 100 meters/109 yds

Needle sizes shown in millimeters; for US conversions, click here. Swatch shows 19 stitches per 10 cm (4″). Yarn weights are approximate; for more specific information on yarn weight conversions, click here.

[Images and product artwork ©Sandnes Garn2021. Used by permission.]

Additional information

Weight 60.0 g
Alpaca Wool Colors

White 1002, Putty 1015, Gray Heather 1042, Dark Gray Heather 1053, Smoke 1088, Black 1099, Corn 2015, Mustard 2335, Chalk 2320, Ochre 2355, Golden Brown 2564, Beige Heather 2650, Medium Brown 3161, Rust 3355, Powder Pink 3511, Brown 3571, Dusty Old Pink 4023, Dk Terracotta 4035, Red 4219, Lilac 5002, Purple 5043, Marine 5575, Sky Blue 6013, Blue Jeans 6052, Midnight 6081, Dark Blue 6364, Ice Blue 6531, Petrol 6553, Petrol 6765, Deep Petrol 7272, Petroleum 7572, Emerald 7755, Dark Green 8063, Moss Green 9573, Almond 2511, Camel 2542, Dusty Plum Pink 3553, Marsala 4034, Eucalyptus 8051, Forest Green 8082


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